Sunday, June 28, 2009

Canton-I @ Sunway Pyramid

I do not know whether is it that I was hungry or what, or maybe I was feeling a little unwell when we went to the Mid Valley branch last time. It seems that the food at the Sunway Pyramid branch seems a little bit better.

The Ying Yong was not bad but nothing spectacular compared to what you get from other Hongkie eataries

From the taste it seems that the yau char koay was fried with good oil. However, it also tasted a bit bland. Maybe the good taste you get from the road side stall yau char koay is from the "recycled" oil

This is good, the fried charsiew pau. The lightly fried dough complements the sacoury fillings well.

Agnes ordered the congee with pig's liver, century egg and fish. Nothing spectecular and overpriced if you ask me.

Egg tarts. This is not bad. The dough was very well made. You can see the layers when you bite through the dough.

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