Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Euro Deli @ Damansara

In bolehland, it is really not easy to find quality pork based food. Heck, even the Tony Roma's here serves beef ribs instead of prok ribs. Nuts...

But there's this little shop in Damansara where Agnes brought me to. Eurodeli is really like an Oasis to a pork meat lover. The servings where quite generous and the food quality is nothing to complain about. Their pork knucles are really delicious and at RM28 a pop its really good value for money. The german sausages were hearty and it is definitely not those overprocessed sausages you get some other places.

Onr tip though, stay away from the beef in a porky restaurant.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Waroeng Penyet@The Curve

Was looking for food at The Curve before Angels and Demons. We stumbled upon this joint. Apparently they serve traditional Indonesian food. I ordered the chicken and Agnes ordered beef. We got one Sup Ekor to share. Apparently our neighbours call sup ekor as sup buntut...lmao. Anyways, the food was not bad. The chicken was tender and tasty with a hint of spices. The beef though is a bit tough for our liking.

The "backside" soup was nice, not over powering and came with generous portions of "buntut".

Saturday, May 9, 2009

100 'C Steamboat @ NiuZheXui

Agnes wanted to buy her mum dinner for Mother's Day. After much deliberation we decided to go to this steamboat restaurant at NiuZheXui in Ara Damansara. This NiuZheXui is not a very welll known place but the ambience is quite good and its not very crowded. It is a open air shoppig bazaar where I believe its inspired by Clarke Quay in Singapore.

We ordered the Mother's Day special which cost RM99.90 that comes with 4 free side dishes: Satay, Grilled Clams, Herbal Black Chicken Herbal Crab. For that price, the amount of food we get is quite a lot and the variety good. One thing special about this restaurant is that the stoves are individual hence we can try 4 kinds of soup base. By the way, there are 11 choices of soup base to choose from. This time around we went for the original soup, pumpkin porridge, bah kut teh and herbal soup. All of it taste quite good. The only complain is that they where quite generous on the MSG.

Service was very good.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wan Ton Mee @ Jalan Sg Besi

I have passed by this Wan Ton Mee stall plenty of times when I travel along Jalan Sg Besi. My colleague, Jean, suggested that we go to this place to eat after work.

The noodles are very springy indeed but the wanton is nothing to shout about. The price is reasonable for KL standards but servings are a tad small. We also ordered the cuury wild boar meat and I have to say I have tried better. The flavour of the food is a tad on the sweet side for my liking.

Food ***/***** (a bit sweet, too much MSG)
Ambiance (its hawker food)
Service ****/*****
Value for Money ***/*****

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Canton-I @ Mid Valley Gardens

Canton-I is is under the same group as Dragon-I. The difference is Dragon-I serves Shanghainese and Canton-I serve Hong Kong food. Not surprisingly, the prices there are almost identical as Dragon-I. I ordered congee with century egg, meat balls and fish slices where as Agnes ordered fried bee-hoon with shredded duck meat and preserved vegetables.

At the price of RM13.80, the ingredients given are pathetically little, just a few tiny slices of fish, 3 sorry pieces of century egg and 2 meat balls. The plainess as depicted in the picture below says it all.

As for Agnes, bee hoon, I am sure I had eaten better.....even the fried bee hoon from coffee shop at my office taste better, and it only cost RM4 instead of RM12.80

The only highlight is the dessert. Agnes ordered the steamed orange egg pudding. It is egg pudding steamed on hallowed orange. The tanginess of orange compliments well with the richness of the custard. It is quite expensive though at RM8 a pop.

So, the verdict. Would I recommend this place? Well, no... there are better Hongkie eateries with better value for money and better taste.

Food **/*****
Ambience ****/***** (guess we are paying for this)
Service **/***** (yes, the service is as bad as the food. The waiters there seems clueless)
Value for Money */*****