Saturday, May 9, 2009

100 'C Steamboat @ NiuZheXui

Agnes wanted to buy her mum dinner for Mother's Day. After much deliberation we decided to go to this steamboat restaurant at NiuZheXui in Ara Damansara. This NiuZheXui is not a very welll known place but the ambience is quite good and its not very crowded. It is a open air shoppig bazaar where I believe its inspired by Clarke Quay in Singapore.

We ordered the Mother's Day special which cost RM99.90 that comes with 4 free side dishes: Satay, Grilled Clams, Herbal Black Chicken Herbal Crab. For that price, the amount of food we get is quite a lot and the variety good. One thing special about this restaurant is that the stoves are individual hence we can try 4 kinds of soup base. By the way, there are 11 choices of soup base to choose from. This time around we went for the original soup, pumpkin porridge, bah kut teh and herbal soup. All of it taste quite good. The only complain is that they where quite generous on the MSG.

Service was very good.

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