Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Canton-I @ Mid Valley Gardens

Canton-I is is under the same group as Dragon-I. The difference is Dragon-I serves Shanghainese and Canton-I serve Hong Kong food. Not surprisingly, the prices there are almost identical as Dragon-I. I ordered congee with century egg, meat balls and fish slices where as Agnes ordered fried bee-hoon with shredded duck meat and preserved vegetables.

At the price of RM13.80, the ingredients given are pathetically little, just a few tiny slices of fish, 3 sorry pieces of century egg and 2 meat balls. The plainess as depicted in the picture below says it all.

As for Agnes, bee hoon, I am sure I had eaten better.....even the fried bee hoon from coffee shop at my office taste better, and it only cost RM4 instead of RM12.80

The only highlight is the dessert. Agnes ordered the steamed orange egg pudding. It is egg pudding steamed on hallowed orange. The tanginess of orange compliments well with the richness of the custard. It is quite expensive though at RM8 a pop.

So, the verdict. Would I recommend this place? Well, no... there are better Hongkie eateries with better value for money and better taste.

Food **/*****
Ambience ****/***** (guess we are paying for this)
Service **/***** (yes, the service is as bad as the food. The waiters there seems clueless)
Value for Money */*****

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